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Crystal Angel idols at UR Astro

Just like many other figurines, we have provided our clients with the divine energies. We offer a huge collection of Crystal Angel idols who are built just as per the Vastu Shastra. Because of our precise details knowledge and work, we are considered as the foremost Vastu Consultants in Maharashtra, India.

What is the significance?

Just like the totem animals, these Angel like figurines help in providing safety and good feelings to the keeper. All the dimensions and corners have been carved right according to what Vastu says. These idols prevent any sort of danger or problems. We recommend you to bring this holy idol to your home.

Things to be taken care of while placing this product at home

One of the most important thing is that their worshipping is strictly prohibited while at your home or working place! It means that you can’t worship these idols otherwise their significance and power fade away. Want it? Buy today.

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