Transforming Lives Through Astrology!

Transforming Lives Through Astrology!

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The origins of disease may not be a topic of conversation hot on everyone's lips, but since more than one in three of us will contract cancer and as increasing numbers of people succumb to stress related illnesses, it is perhaps an issue worthy of debate. Few people would dispute the link between mind and body and we are now edging ever closer to people being open to the idea that physical symptoms are a sign that we need to make changes.

This belief produced the birth of a revolutionary new therapy – Astro-Synthesis – which is primarily geared towards helping people discover what is wrong with, or missing from their lives, and helping them to make changes. It differs from other therapies in the sense that it isn't just one single tool for creating wellness – it is several therapies rolled into one and tackles all the difficulties that people have in overcoming negative physical, mental and emotional patterns.


The reasons people become ill are as varied as the individual, but virtually all illness has its roots in one common area – failure to fulfil one’s potential and be true to one selves. If one denies a part of themselves for long enough, they will eventually become frustrated, depressed or unwell. But how does an individual who is confused about their reason for being discover their true purpose in life? Well, this is where our first tool – astrology – proves to be invaluable.

The moment we take our first breath is the moment when our souls become infused with the energies of the planetary formations. This frozen point in time creates our 'cosmic DNA', within which lies every ounce of our potential, our important life lessons and any negative patterns that may develop. It also shows what we need in order to become happy, fulfilled individuals – and this includes our purpose. This of course is a far cry from the general perception of astrology – good for assessing forthcoming trends and trotting out a few personality characteristics but not much else. But how many people are aware that, only a few hundred years ago, you couldn't be a doctor unless you were an astrologer? This may seem strange now, but when we consider that the birth chart not only reveals our physical constitution, but our mental, emotional and spiritual make-up as well, we are presented with an astonishingly insightful tool that drives us right to the heart of the matter and cuts out the need for infinite therapy sessions because everything about the patient is there before your eyes. It doesn't matter if a client neglects to share something of importance, because it's visible in their chart; no matter how much a client hides behind a mask, their real self sits before them on a sheet of paper in the form of planets, signs and aspects.

On a physical level, the planetary positions within a chart can identify areas of weakness, but rather than stopping at highlighting what can go wrong, we are also able to identify why it goes wrong – perhaps the most important factor in healing. When two planets form a relationship with each other, they create a type of energy. This energy can flow easily or it can be tense and stressful, depending upon the nature of the relationship and the planets in question. We always have a choice of expressing energy in a positive or a negative way. When illness occurs, we are usually either blocking energy, or expressing it in a negative way, and need to find a more positive way of channeling the energy. A good astrologer will be able to identify the areas of tension and translate this into a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual diagnosis as well as being able to offer suggestions for positive change.

The second therapy we use in Astro-Synthesis is homeopathy, which is a natural complement to astrology because it works on the same principle of energy and personality types. This form of vibrational healing is effective in creating change because when the right remedy is prescribed, blockages are lifted and energy is shifted. Homeopathy – like many other therapies – may not always be successful on its own because the patient may omit certain important factors, but, when used in conjunction with astrology, the homeopath can 'see' the type of person along with the underlying cause of the problem, and is then more able to find the remedy that best matches the personality and symptoms.

The third component of Astro-Synthesis is what we would call the re-programming process. The astrological chart forms the diagnostic tool, homeopathy gives us the remedy that will ease physical symptoms and help the patient to make a shift, and the re-programming techniques help the client to take action and make lasting change. These techniques range from action plans, vision statements and treasure maps to the latest psychological methods of breaking negative patterns and releasing fears.


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