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Registration Form / Registration Data

In Order to fulfill YOUR Query, there will be a Registration form which needs to be filled with your relevant information.

The Information that you provide will be UR Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Birth Place, Gender, Purpose, etc. which will be used to make accurate predictions of UR Horoscope. you do not have to share UR personal Information to use our services.

The Information that we get will be used to provide you better services like meeting UR requirements, your Purchases and to have a transparent communication with you.

However If you don’t wish to share certain information with us then you might not be able to take benefit of some of our services like YOUR Horoscope Predictions, know ur lucky gemstone etc. as it will require UR these Details.

What Information we gather and for Why?

  • Registration Data

The information that you provide in the registration form to use our paid services, will be used for fulfilling your Orders or any other Queries.

Ur Astro also guarantees that no information about UR predictions, any advice sought by you, or any other data that is related to you individually will be disclosed to any third person except for the purpose of communicating with you in times of need.

We keep this data for internal record keeping and to stay updated.

  • Cookies, IP address and other information

We save the information when you interact with our website and we also use cookies and access certain kinds of information when we detect your browser.

When you land on our website and browse over things that are placed, we store your actions so as to stay in tune with our third parties as they assist us in completing the transaction. We also use your IP address, in case we have a problem with our server and to administer our website.

We also track the visitor’s IP address to gather the demographic information e.g. from where the traffic is coming. We also save browser type used, screen resolutions, time spend on our website to enhance the working of our website.

  • Payment info / Security of Payment / Safe, Secure and Smooth transactions

We do NOT collect any information related with your Credit card, Debit card or information about any other mode of Payment. We follow acceptable standards, industry measures to protect the data supplied by you.

We have a facility of SSL i.e. Secure Sockets Layer which is used while you purchase anything from us. It encrypts all the information before it is sent to us. We reveal only the last five digits of your Debit or credit card number, but we do provide the entire credit card number for processing YOUR order to the Credit card company. hence all of your data is protected against unauthorized access. However you should be aware that neither us nor any other website can fully eliminate all the risks.

You know that it will not be realistic to say that we or anyone else can eliminate all the risks.

UR Predictions

The predictions that we avail will be based as per astrology concepts. Since these predictions are based on individual analysis, UR Astro does not make any commitment on the exactness of these consultations. However we Try and give you the best consultancy from us. These predictions or reports have no Legal or constitutional significance.

Do we share UR Information /Secrecy of YOUR information/ how secure is YOUR data?

We know the importance of YOUR information and privacy as a result we restrict access to any other individual apart from you.

Under no circumstance we share UR information to any Third person, unless otherwise needed to share with any service provider in order to complete YOUR transaction or requirement.

UR Astro does not share or trade with with information about you with others (save with UR acceptance) or to any company except to provide the service you have requested.

No disclosures about UR personal information will be made to anyone unless abide by any current or future laws.

UR Reports

UR consultations reports will be sent to you by informing you at YOUR given address.

It can also be mailed to you as per YOUR need.

However, we are not responsible for the receiving person at UR place. It might get

delayed due to any other reason in such case you will be informed.


Images that are loaded with us are a collection of the internet as well as personal. The images that are placed are not having any copyrights issue. If there is a picture that has a copyright then the owner can contact us and we shall cooperate and do the required changes within no time. We are not associated with those companies in any manner.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Right to Terminate the Service

UR Astro has the right to stop the service as and when needed. It also has the right to refund the money received without assigning any reason. It can therefore alter, modify or discontinue the service.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You need to know that no contractual or legal liability arises against / arises by ordering or making use of these predictions, the use of which is done by you.

Difficulty in this privacy policy

If you have any confusion in understanding any of these points or have a question to ask or need to know regarding your dealings with us then you can contact us.

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