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What is a Pyramid?

A Pyramid is one of the most powerful tools in Astrology. It helps in balancing the positive vibration around you and eliminates the negativity. With the usage of this product, one can strengthen his/her hidden talents and achieve a successful future. Consult with us! We are the supreme Vastu Consultants from Maharashtra, India.

Make your Vastu right by using the Pyramid

At UR Astro, you will find a variety of this offered product with the finest quality. These products are used for correcting Vastu. You do not need to rebuild your houses and offices, just place this Yantra and everything will be good and at the right place.

Get the safety from the negative energies

This offered product balances and harmonizes an aura around us and protect us from evil vibes. Therefore, when we place this wonderful product in our house or office, the place is purified by the power of crystal and all the Vastu defects are rectified. It emits positive energy around you.

Black Quartz Pyramid

  • RS. 814.00
  • RS. 900.00

Clear Quartz Pyramid

  • RS. 814.00
  • RS. 900.00

White Quartz Pyramid

  • RS. 814.00
  • RS. 900.00

Red Quartz Pyramid

  • RS. 814.00
  • RS. 900.00

Rose Quartz Pyramid

  • RS. 814.00
  • RS. 900.00

Copper Pyramid

  • RS. 865.00
  • RS. 950.00

Lead Pyramid

  • RS. 568.00
  • RS. 700.00

Padma Copper Pyramid

  • RS. 5,200.00
  • RS. 6,000.00

3 Layer Copper Pyramid

  • RS. 2,500.00
  • RS. 3,000.00

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