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Bracelets at UR Astro

This product is a unique and wonderfully spiritual. You can use this product to regulate your body function and it also aids in mental stability. This product is the most auspicious one. Besides wearing it spiritually, you can mark it as the fashion stuff. Bring one to your home today!

Benefits of Bracelets

  • It protects you from an evil eye.
  • It protects you from the black magic.
  • It keeps the negative energies away and brings the positive energies to your home or workplace.
  • It fills you with the positivity and optimism.

Bracelets to balance your life

There are so many people in this world who are so much indulged in their day to day activities that their life has gone out of balance. Those who seek a proper balance in their life, must possess this product. It creates the positive environment and removes negative energy. These qualities of the products make us the supreme Astrologers and Vastu service providers in Maharashtra, India.

Amethyst Bracelet

  • RS. 700.00
  • RS. 900.00

Aquamarine Bracelet

  • RS. 779.00
  • RS. 950.00

Black Obsidian Bracelet

  • RS. 510.00
  • RS. 675.00

Citrine Bracelet

  • RS. 615.00
  • RS. 750.00

Crystal Bracelet

  • RS. 510.00
  • RS. 650.00

Tiger Eye Bracelet

  • RS. 500.00
  • RS. 700.00

Green Jade Bracelet

  • RS. 400.00
  • RS. 550.00

Labradorite Bracelet

  • RS. 551.00
  • RS. 750.00

Magnetic Bracelet

  • RS. 600.00
  • RS. 750.00

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