What is UR Astro ?

UR Astro is an astrology based web portal and service. We provide the best astrological solutions to YOU. We are here to solve ur daily tribulations & alleviate your relief so that you enjoy a healthy & a comfortable lifestyle.

How do you process queries?

All the queries that we get from our website interface and from our partners are attended as early as possible and a reply is given accordingly.

How much time do you take to process these queries?

It’s our endeavour to address all the queries as early as possible.

Do you prescribe gemstones and yantras?

Yes we do. we at urastro would like to provide remedies. To do so, we prescribe mantras and simple pujas that you can do it yourself. However, if you are keen to wear a gemstone, or buy a yantra, we provide such guidance & which remedy to follow is entirely your decision.

What are the freight charges?

Cost of transportation depends on weight, product, weight and value.however we make sure that our clients get bear the least cost of freight.

What international currency do you use for pricing your products ?

Our prices are based in (INR) Indian Rupees, but every customer can select their currency manually on the website.

Is it possible to visit your Office ?

Yes of course, You just have to take a prior appointment or make a call / email us before you visit.

When will you ship my order?

Your order will be shipped within 2-4 days (domestic) and 7-9 days(international) after receipt of payment. You may also receive the product before the given period. We will inform you, If for any reason the order is delayed. Please note that weekends and holidays are not counted as business days.

which different yantras are available with you ?

We provide Mahayantra, altar yantra and pocket yantra , All Jain yantras and various other types of yantras.

Will you let us know the corresponding package tracking number?

you will receive the tracking number of the parcel after your order is shipped.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card. We also accept Paypal. The payment can be wire transferred to our bank.

Is it safe to send my credit card information through your website?

Your online transaction are completely safe. The information cannot be seen by anybody since it is done under 128-bit SSL server that encrypts your card information when you send it to bank.

What is size in mm?

It mentions the length and width of the stone.

mm=mili meter, 10mm = 1 centi meter OR 1 inch=25.4mm

why yantra from UR Astro ?

We give yantra that are made of proper copper embossing with long lasting finishing.The reason behind providing these copper made yantras as it bring positive effect.Yantra made of only copper should be placed and not in any other material paper, plastic.We also provide you the procedure to place the yantra at your desired place.

What is carat weight ?

It mentions the weight of stones.

5 carat= 1 gram.

1 carat= 1.10 Ratti.

Which credit card are not accepted online ?

Company and corporate card are not accepted on our website. Please use your personal credit card.

Where do these stones come from?

Most of the gemstones are mined in Africa, India and Srilanka.ruby, Yellow sapphire and Emerald are mined in Brazil , India etc. But now a days the rough stones are mined in so many countries that one can not be sure.

How to find Ring Size?

Are these Gemstones certified?

There are two options available when you purchase a gemstone from our website. We can provide the gemstones with certificate as well as without certificate.

Gemstone Certificate value for money?

Gemstone certification does not imply/mean any kind of value of gemstones or money back when you give back the gemstone.

It is surety that the gemstone which is provided to you is the one which you have asked for along with its description.

I am confused so which stone should I wear or which gemstone will suit me?

you will be able to decide that after proper consultation from us. To know which gemstone youc an wear, go to > Free Services> know ur lucky gemstone as per kundali.

Does wearing gemstone really have positive effect on the person?

Yes it does, but it is also important for you to be positive towards your task after wearing it.

Can we order the gemstones online?

Yes you can. you can send us the payment via bank transfer or you can simply follow the procedure mentioned on the shopping cart.

Why should we buy gemstones from you?

We provide real,non coloured gems which are beneficial to you.we don’t believe in giving you anyting that will make us loose your trust.

why can’t I just go to my local jeweler for a gem stone ?

The reason is they don’t have gemstones suitable for astrology usage and although they are beautiful to look at and still worth their monetary cost in the trade,they no longer possess the needed power. So it is preferable to buy from those who provide astrology services as well, like us.

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