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Are you looking to buy a gift for a loved one as a symbol of health and prosperity? Don’t worry as Vastu gifts serve the ideal purpose!

You can gift them as a house warming present, birthdays and anniversaries. Any vastu gift contains in built energy which will protect it’s bearer with the ill effects of various looming negative entities of the universe. You can also buy gifts for women online like rings and bracelets having precious and semiprecious gemstones! Here, we have compiled at small list of the possible products which can be given as gifts. This will help start your search online, when you find the need of gifting a loved one.

  1. Gemstones

These are the various precious and auspicious crystals like ruby, pearl,diamond ,emerald etch which can be embedded in a ring or bracelet. In vastu,they help bring prosperity , reverse the ill effects of a tauma ,help control anger and shield the bearer against the negative energies around him/her.

Gemstones basically work according to one’s astrological sign and are recommended in Vedic astrology where gemstone is to be worn in order to dispel negative energy.

The concept of Vastu gemstone is again a similar to Vedic astrology which believes that wearing an astrological gem as per horoscope will give prosper life and harmony in the living place. The belief among people is that wearing gemstone will fetch them all-around happiness, good luck and successful career. It is absolutely true in most sense that Vastu gemstone do render positivity to people wearing gemstones in hand finger as they are thought to work on two theories- spectrum effect and radioactive effect.

  1. Gem Plates

When we build a vastu structure, we install the gem plate in a few places in the house. The gems are a gift to the house and also bring in the seed influence of the gems which are related to certain heavenly bodies.

  1. Yantra

A Yantra is great cosmic conductor of energy, an antenna of Nature and a powerful device used since days of yore to invoke harmony, prosperity, success, good health as well as is conducive for yoga and meditation. There are many yantras available online eg Copper yantra, Meru Yantra. You can also buy Jain Yantra online. Jain yantra /Siddhachakra is a particularly powerful device which when used along with its appropriate manta helps in increasing wealth and properity .Siddhachakra is a popular yantra or mandala (mystical diagram) used for worship in Jainism. It is depicted as a Kalasha with the core of a blossomed lotus representing Navapada in the centre surrounded by guarding deities on petals.

  1. Semiprecious God Statue

The art of worshipping a semi precious god statue is considered very auspicious in vastu shastra. However, before purchasing you must ensure that the statue is made up of pure minerals after proper shudi karan has been performed on them. When placed in the right directions, they bring enormous success and happiness! These also include the very auspicious Ganesha Idols, laughing Buddha, Jain murti etc.

  1. Pyramids

Every house needs to be corrected with Vastu to nullify negativity and make a home secured place devoid of any hazardous energy. Pyramids are such energized instruments that have the power of their own and are organically charged. They keep the negative energies at bay from a place by absorbing and neutralizing the place.

These are the few among the many vatsu gifts available online. You can choose one or all of them as the serve as appropriate gifts which will protect and shield your loved ones and bring them nothing but happiness.

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