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If you are searching the best Online Consultation, then you don’t have to go anywhere. After considering the planetary positions and dosha in your horoscope, we provide accurate predictions. We will give you an overview of your Future Prospects and Remedies so you can overcome your weakness. We don’t provide generic and software made predictions.

The predictions will include the following aspects:

  • Your Personality- Information about your appearance and nature will be provided.
  • Education- The Kind of education you will have and the fields you can opt for on the basis of your Birth chart. If there is any obstacles in your education then solution will be advised accordingly.

  • Career- Here, we will give you a helping hand in deciding your career. If, already interested in something then how to be more productive in that area.
  • Your Business or Job- Are you interested in starting a new business? Then proper advice will be given. If you wish to find a suitable job then a proper way will be shown.
  • Your Marriage Matters- Those who wish to get married will be given a perfect marriage solution.
  • Your Health- What effects your ‘Grahas’ have on your health will be provided with their remedies. If u are passing through any health issues then no need to worry, a perfect solution will be provided.
  • Your Family Life- How will your family circumstances become in near future and what type of bonding will you share with Life partner.
  • Your Children / kids- On the basis of the positions of ‘Grahas’ in Birth chart, nature and doshas, an appropriate remedy will be provided to you.
  • Your Prosperity- Your speciality area will be advised. How to get the best possible result in your field, will be discussed. Proper information about the good and bad phases in your life will be given. Flawless remedies will be provided.
  • Your suitable Ratna / gemstone- The best suitable ratna which will bring Positive outcome in your life will be advised to you after analyzing your birth chart.
  • Effects of 12 Houses in Your life- The positive and negative effects of 12 houses on you throughout your life will be discussed with their appropriate remedies.
  • Your Graha / Planet Mahadasha- The ‘Mahadasha’ which every ‘Graha’ will have on you during a certain period in your lIfe will be provided.
  • Your Janma Dosha- Information about Time of birth and its effect that will have on you will be provided.
  • Your Nakshatra Dosha- Information about your nakshatra will be given.

Shani Sade sati period

kaalSarp Dosh

Narayan Nagbali

Guru Mangal Dosh

Chandra dosh

GajaKesari ShubhYog in your life

Charges – Rs.1000/- for 1hr consultation

Online – Skype, whatsapp

In office, Appointment date will be sent to your email id or over phone within 24hrs.

To book an appointment kindly fill the enquiry form and proceed with the payment.

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